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At Barnes & Aidi, we work with charities across North America to bring their fundraising goals to life. Our superior face to face fundraising bring results worth sharing—to further your campaign and your cause and story. We do this by acquiring high quality, monthly donors on behalf of our charity clients. We believe in an integrated approach including door to door fundraising, Face to Face Marketing, street canvassing, B2B and more.

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Face to Face Marketing



Launched in 2019, our face-to-face fundraising has become an exciting addition to Barnes & Aidi. 

Since our first year of operations, we have acquired, secured, and renewed budgets from some of the largest non-profit organizations in the world. We have also grown and expanded our successful teams, building offices in three major cities: Toronto, Saskatoon and Regina. 

What is face-to-face fundraising?

Face-to-face fundraising is a method of direct donor acquisition aiming to secure recurring, sustaining support for non-profits.

Sometimes known as “donor acquisition” or “canvassing,” this type of fundraising involves dispatching representatives of the organization into the field to initiate in-person conversations with potential donors. With the end goal of securing a recurring gift, this method is successful because it allows in-field fundraisers to connect with the communities and display your charity/ brand in an intriguing way.

There are quite a few different types of face-to-face fundraising, including but not limited to “donor acquisition” or “canvassing.” 









As a developed firm, we have quite a large client roster specializing in the non-profit sector. Our team understands all aspects of a successful professional marketing organization, including field sales, empowering tools for success, and client relations. We will help you understand the habit of thinking and behaving in ways that will help you attain great success. 

We train, inspire, and deploy dedicated, professional fundraisers to act as strong representatives for your organization. We train and motivate salespeople of all levels and have pioneered a method ensuring these brand representatives are operating in a safe and successful manner: 

Our reps become experts in your cause and build genuine rapport with members of the community, with the end goal of securing sustaining, recurring donations for your charity. You don’t need to be an intellectual or have innate talent to attain great success and satisfaction – but you need to learn and understand the habit of thinking and behaving in ways that will get you there.  

Our team provides in-class training and results that are like no other in this league. If you are in the non-profit sector and are looking to grow your company, we can provide Coaches, Consultants, and Teams to get the job done. Along with proficient strategies to bring you results that are through the roof.


We host live Workshops to teach your organizations or marketing company, focusing on face-to-face fundraising, how to smash their goals, create a strong infrastructure, and hire the right people.  

Our team is open and excited to collaborate with an idea, a product, and a service provided. We also specialize in B2B experience. If your sales team desires to be at the top of their game, don’t miss this! 

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